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Reunite With the Lord     Savor a Sumptuous Feast

The Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven

Do you want to learn about God’s new work and follow the footsteps of the Lamb?

Here you can find God’s utterances for the new age. Here, God unveils the mysteries of the truth …

Get to know God’s work in the last days and step onto the path to attain salvation and enter the kingdom of heaven.


Every Christian has a moving story about being selected by God.

Every believer experiences God’s work and words on their journey.

These experiences and testimonies of Christians who have accepted God’s gospel of the kingdom show us God’s wondrous deeds from a variety of perspectives, let us feel God’s love and salvation, and help us continue to grow in our spiritual lives.

Faith and Life

We are faced with all sorts of environments, people, events, and things in our lives.

In our faith, we encounter all kinds of confusion and difficulties.

Faith and Life is a carefully curated selection of Christians’ essays on their experiences and testimonies, sharing with you the light bestowed by God, helping you understand God’s will in a variety of environments, and find the correct path of practice.

Follow God’s Footsteps
Enjoy the Sustenance of the Living Waters

God’s words are the lantern before us, the light on the path illuminating our way forward. Keep up with God’s footsteps, listen to the utterances of Christ of the last days, understand all mysteries of the truth, savor the watering and sustenance of the living water of life!

Listen to Music in Praise of the Lord of Creation

While waiting for the bus, during your free time—enjoy this beautiful music in praise of the Creator anytime, anywhere. Quiet yourself before God and taste His love, and before you know it your heart will grow closer to God, and your worries and fatigue will fade away …

Wonderful Videos Guide You to Understand God’s Work

Gospel Movies
Gospel Choir
Hymn Videos
Variety Show

Gospel Movies

This is a collection of select debates on investigating the true way;

these are the best of moving testimonies of those who were lost, then awakened and turned toward God.

One bittersweet scene after another conveys God’s urgent desire to save mankind.

Gospel Choir

One mighty group, song after song of choral works to rock the soul—they

all sing the praises of God’s deeds and mightiness

and bear witness to God’s love and salvation for mankind.

Hymn Videos

Each song is a story bearing witness to God’s deeds and salvation.

Listen with your heart, sing along, and reflect on God’s love that is with you always.

Before you know it you’ll discover that God has always been watching by our sides …

Variety Show

This collection holds a great many Christians’ true stories of their paths of faith, providing testimonies of growth in their spiritual lives.

There is humor, there is sadness, and there is depth—these stories can also help us understand the mysteries of the Bible we’ve never understood before.


Watch videos of readings of God’s words to hear the Holy Spirit’s utterances to the churches.

Grasp the mysteries of God’s six-thousand-year management plan and understand God’s will to save mankind.

Daily Devotionals Bring You Closer to God

As the pace of life picks up, we have less and less time to draw close to God.

Why not try slowing down a bit, quieting your heart before God, and reflecting on His words to establish a proper relationship with Him?

The first step toward spiritual life growth begins with your daily devotionals!

Our Dedicated Online Representatives Are Here for You

Please reach out to us if you encounter questions or difficulties in your faith or daily life—we are

always here to listen to your innermost thoughts and help you find a path of practice. May God enlighten and guide every one of us!